About Us

Satu Mare is a blog created by a team of friends who have a passion in both writing and gambling. We started off by constantly sharing tips with one another whenever we met up, then one day we thought to ourselves, why not start a media platform where we can input our opinions on? This way it would be more convenient to convey our ideas to other people as well!

As a result, the creation of Satu Mare begun, a place where anyone with similar interest can gather and communicate. Over the past years, we have gathered an unimaginable amount of readers whom have been supporting us.This has allowed Satu Mare to grow and self sustain itself. Therefore, we would like to express our gratitude back to YOU by taking your suggestions to start posting articles on gambling which will keep you in the loop 24/7.

We are hoping that you, as a reader, will be kind to us and offer us any form of feedback or comments on our writing and ways on how we can improve this blog. If this blog becomes successful, we am looking towards working full time on it and making sure that the content we write will be much more engaging and fun to learn.

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